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2023 STN Broadcast Excellence Finalist

Wake Up Warriors

2022 National Finalist for the NSPA Broadcast Pacemaker Award

2022 NATAS National Award Nominee

PSA-Piece of Paper-Phelan Newman

2022 NATAS Mid-Atlantic Nominees

  • Commercial-Brushes and Beans- Khristian Miller

  • Long Form-Warriors: Forged from Football-Jake Pleins, Aidan Kelly, Zach Grabowski, Ella Coy, Katie Reese, Morgan Fong

  • Arts and Entertainment-Metallica: More than Metal-Cade Stukus

  • Music Video-When We Were Young-Phelan Newman

  • Magazine Program-Prime Time Sports-Aidan Kelly, Aidan Pula, Colin Conners, Conner Alexander, Ella Coy, Liam Carey, Phelan Newman, Paul Mills, Dom Randal

  • Light News-Marathon with a Mission-Becca Mills, Braden Schreyer, Gianna Purpura


2022 NATAS Mid-Atlantic Winners

  • Best Newscast-Wake Up Warriors

  • Serious News-Mental Health Resources-Zach Grabowski

  • Light News-You've Got a Friend Day-Morgan Fong

  • PSA-Norman Rosenthal-Young Producer Award-Piece of Paper-Phelan Newman

  • Talent-Becca Mills

  • Video Essay-COVID's Impact on Local Small Business-Zach Grabowski

2021 NATAS National Award Nominee

  • Commercial-Seven Springs Mountain Resort- Khristian Miller

2021 NATAS Mid-Atlantic Winners

  • Newscast Daily-Wake Up Warriors

  • PSA-Equality is Beautiful- Phelan Newman, Kenni Williams

  • Commercial-Seven Springs Mountain Resort- Khristian Miller


2021 NATAS Mid-Atlantic Nominees

  • Light News-Creating a Community- Mia DeFazio, Elissa Heinbaugh, Sarah Winchel


  • Light News-The Shows Goes On-Ava Burdell, Ella Coy, Skyler Hado

  • Light News-Painting a Scene-Nick Konopka

  • Serious News-Pandemic Positivity- Declan Mooney, Joey Pacelli

  • PSA-Mask Up- Morgan Fong, Katie Reese, Caitlyn O'Connor

  • Commercial-Steel City Car Wash- Khristian Miller

2020 NATAS Mid-Atlantic Winners


  • News: General Assignment-Light News-Look What Nolan Can Do-Ryan Mickey, Max Haberberger


  • News: General Assignment-Light News-Lilli's Drive-Maddie Pleins, Emily Coles

  • Short Form- Mirror Image-Ryan Mickey, Nick Konopka, Madi Kerrigan, Zach Perrin

  • Sports-Forging a Legacy-Gavin Polechko, Max Haberberger, Ryan Mickey, Tyler Grupac

  • Commercial-Murrysville Golf Course-Madi Kerrigan, Ryan Mickey, Max

  • Editor-Ryan Mickey


2020 NATAS Mid-Atlantic Nominees


  • Newscast Daily-Wake Up Warriors.  

  • News: General Assignment-Serious News-Education for the Next Generation produced by Alyssa Napolitana, Abby McDonnell, Megan Yoder and Madi Kerrigan

  • News: General Assignment-Serious News-Teen Vaping Epidemic-Rio Scarcelli

  • Arts and Entertainment/Cultural Affairs-Rangos Giant Cinema-Nick Konopka, Maddie Pleins

  • Music Video-In The Fire-Ryan Mickey, Max Haberberer

  • Sports-Live Event-Basketball-Max, Abby McDonell, Emily Coles, John Robbins, Austin Varner, Colby Sherwin

  • PSA-Family Fire-Ryan Mickey

  • Commercial-Altimate Air-Max

  • Commercial-PT Pit Stop-Nick Konopka, Madi Kerrigan, Rio Scarcelli


  • Talent-Madi Kerrigan

National Finalist for the NSPA Broadcast Pacemaker Award

National Student Production Award Nomination


2019 Nominees

  • Light News-Tyler Grupac, Gavin Polechko-School Supply Trip to Jamaica

  • Serious News-Nicole Desmond, Jake Schick, Will Specht-Prescription Drug Abuse

  • Music Video-Zach Conley, Abigail McDonnell, Alyssa Napolitana-Quit That Junk

  • PSA-Juliane Beene, Jonathan Heinbaugh, Madison Kerrigan, Nick Konopka-Smoke and Mirrors 

  • Short Form:Non Fiction-Ryan Mickey-The Perfect Gift

  • Commercial-Ryan Mickey- Altimate Air

  • Commercial-Ryan Mickey-Cash Stash

  • Short Form: Non Fiction-Reagan Hochman, Ryan Mickey, Zoe Vitelli-Nolan Nochreiner

  • Live Sports-Logan Casper, Max Haberberger, Abigail McDonnell, John Robbins- Basketball


STN (Student Television Network)

  • 2019-20 STN Regionals

    • Northeast Region 

    • Broadcast Excellence

    • Daily Live News Wake Up Warriors

  • 2019-20 STN Nationals

    • Honorable Mention

    • Inclusive Feature Story-Lilly's Drive

    • Maddie Pleins and Emily Coles

  • 2019-20 STN Nationals

    • First place

    • Humorous Segment

    • Table Football

    • Max Haberberger, Ryan Mickey, Gavin Polechko, Tyler Grupac

2019 NATAS Mid-Atlantic Winners

  • Serios News-Julianne Beene, Taylor Boulware, Zach Conley, Brenden Dillman, Max Haberberger, Nathan Lowry, Molly Meyers

  • Animation/Special Effects-Molly Meyers--Toby and Zora

  • Photography-Ryan Mickey

2018 National Student Production Award Nominee

  • Light News-Max Haberberger, Ryan Mickey, John Robbins-Make-A-Wish

2018 NATAS Mid-Atlantic Winners

  • Newscast Daily-Wake Up Warriors

  • Talent-Maddy Haberberger

  • Light News-Max Haberberger, Ryan Mickey, John Robbins-Make-A-Wish

2018 NATAS Mid-Atlantic Nominees

  • Sports Live Event-John Robbins, Dylan Cleland, Colby Sherwin, Jared Kroll, Julianne Beene--Football

  • Short Form-Cierra Rudick, Anna Stowers-Sexual Assault- It's Not Your Fault

2017 Nominees

  • High School Newscast-Dylan Cleland, Mike Sciuli, Trent Somes, Matt Simcovic-Mock Election 2016

  • High School Sports-Ryan Mickey-Warrior Hockey:All Access

NATAS Mid-Atlantic Chapter


2016 Nominees

  • PSA-Zora Lock-Wipe Away Distractions



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